Remembering Harold Osborne, MD

CPHS recognizes a strong dedicated, fighter and advocator for the public's health:

Dr. Harold "Oz" Osborn was born 12/12/43 and passed on April 30, 2015.  He was an extraordinary physician with a commitment to patient care.  He eventually was the Chair of the Emergency Department at Lincoln Hospital.  Dr. Osborn was one of five outstanding individuals honored by the Commission on the Public's Health System (CPHS) in 1998.  The award was for his strong advocacy in support of the Lincoln Emergency Room.  At that time the Mayor's plan was to end one Lincoln affiliation and change it to St. Barnabas Hospital which had political connections.  Oz played a major role in organizing doctors to come up with an alternative plan.  Dr. Oz served for many years on the board of CPHS contributing his strong role and understanding of health care needs and delivery of services in medically underserved communities. 

Not only did he testify in the litigation around the police fatal shooting of Eleanor Bumpers in the Bronx, he was also known to financially help patients who needed legal representation.  We mourn the loss of Oz in full recognition that he was unique, but in the hopes that there are now, and will be, more Dr. Ozs.


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