Fighting for children's health



In collaboration  with five borough coalitions, CPHS coordinated a Child Health Initiative which organized celebrations of Child Health Clinics in each borough, promoted public health insurance and access to a "medical home", surveyed parents in 12 languages and set up 12 focus groups with young people. This effort resulted in a report of the findings and a Child/Teen/Family Health Policy Agenda for NYC.

  • Following completion of Yes New York Can!, the Child/Teen/Family Health Policy Agenda developed by the Child Health Initiative, cphs* and the borough coalition leaders have been developing proposals for ways of implementing the priorities identified in the agenda.
  • The Initiative members met with public officials and opinion leaders to present the results of a survey and the priorities in the Agenda.
  • One important outcome of our work is that the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is now, for the first time, asking questions about children's health in the large telephone survey that they do.
  • In addition, for the first time the department added a focus on children and neighborhoods in their Take Care New York publication.

Every year, CPHS fights to put funding for Child Health Clinics back into the city budget.